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He also had us meditate to help with the process of achieving our goals and it was really amazing. A strange experience and the meditation definitely not for everyone. I extremely enjoyed the workshop and am motivated to work on achieving and setting new and ultimate goals. The workshop centred around goal setting. I found Gary to be extremely professional and organised in how he prepared and approached the workshop. The topic was extremely relevant and Gary conducted the workshop in a way that the content could easily be applied to both the personal and work environment.

He articulates himself well and uses a language that was easy for the group to follow. I particularly liked the methodoly used in facilitating this topic. The amount of exercises built in were at just the right level and ensured the continuous engagement of the group. It is very clear from the way Gary speaks that he is very passionate about coaching and lifeskills.

This was clearly communicated in the way he facilitated the workshop. Because of his innate sense of equality and respect for his participants, Gary accomplishes a coaching environment with a target market who are often quite resistant to this kind of engagement. It was a real pleasure to see the learning environment Gary created that enabled the group years olds to take this question on board with enthusiasm, creativity and rigorous thinking.

It has given me a better idea of my mind. It was very inspirational.

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I decided to attend too. I thought it only fair to ask them their opinion of the workshop. It gave them a focus and has encouraged them to pursue their dreams. To be to perfectly honest, I initially thought that I would attend more as an observer but found myself hooked by what Gary was saying from the outset. His natural charisma and ease as a facilitator is a gift and I could see how well all of my staff responded to him — from cleaners through to managers…myself included.

I cannot recommend this course enough.

It is quite literally a course that everyone should attend to re-evaluate their lives, to renew their self-belief and to enable them to have a focus in life. Whilst the course was aimed at individual goals, we have also discussed as a team how we can use this technique to fulfill joint goals too.

Thank you for the workshop, it really gave me more insight about my goals and how to achieve them. I hope, career wise, I will get more advice tips and help from you as I really enjoyed the workshop. As a result the young people in his group find him easy to relate to, which in turns enables them to participate fully and get the best from the experience he is making available to them.

And that experience is the opportunity to take themselves and their lives seriously in a way that is fun, creative and inventive. It is a joy to witness a group of young people, engaging with their hopes and dreams, and their capacity to achieve them in an environment that is filled with conversation, learning and growth.

Take Care of Yourself Every Day (One of the Most Motivational Videos You'll Ever See)

Having quit a highly-successful career in the corporate world, to become a professional photographer his journey included the writing and publishing of 3 development books for children, and photographing and publishing 1 photographic coffee-table book. Gary has experience in The Corporate world, earning a living as an artist, and as an entrepreneur — having started, run and sold 2 businesses. Goal-Setting, as an adventurous train trip.

How our mind works and how we think about goals. The Gift of our imagination — the seed from where our goals and dreams materialise. Ema pointed out that such an instrumentalist view of learning is not, in fact, unique to languages but a worrying trend that can be seen throughout education.

Ema talked about the new Teaching Excellence Review to be put in place in the UK next year, in which one of the assessment criteria are graduate employment rates. This highlights the fact that education is often seen as a means to an end; there is a utilitarian focus which downplays the humanitarian role of education.

Fostering individuals with the capacity for critical thought is not the role of education as the government and hence many institutions reliant on funding see it. However, this view is more likely to be held by those who work as teachers. The affordance of English for gaining social capital is important, but similarly with the world moving more toward super-diversity, English educational models would be better served if they were to highlight a multiple competencies approach to learning.

Another aspect is that learning should be made personally meaningful, and people should learn to speak as themselves. Although I fundamentally agree that the native-speaker model is a serious problem for English language instruction and that it has led to the disadvantaging of the majority of English speakers, it may also lead to other forms of discrimination as a result of the entangled ideologies at work in the world.

In many ways, it boils down to social and cultural capital. People make judgements about us based on how we speak; and thus it may be disadvantageous for students to focus on learning English that could be seen as deviant, especially if this makes them hard to comprehend. I think rather that Ema was promoting the same idea that she put forward in her persons-in-context relational view of motivation Ushioda, , which resonates with van Lier call for awareness, autonomy and authenticity as part of the interactions in the language classroom, both of which imply sociocultural approaches to learning and ecological perspectives to language.

The key is that a person does not need perfect English, and it is important for students to have realistic goals about themselves and the levels of proficiency they actually need. Overall, the talk was fascinating and gave me a lot of food for thought.

self-help – Thoughts Marlowe Thought

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System, 22 3 , Swann, A. Ushioda, E. A person-in-context relational view of emergent motivation, self and identity. Language learning motivation, self and identity: current theoretical perspectives. Computer Assisted Language Learning, 24 3 , Motivating learners to speak as themselves. Murray, X. Lamb Eds. Context and complex dynamic systems theory.

Scientific Self-Help: The State of Our Knowledge

Henry Eds. Language learning motivation through a small lens: A research agenda. Language Teaching, 49 4 , Interaction in the language curriculum: Awareness, autonomy and authenticity. London: Longman. If you think that a podcast about TEFL sounds rather dry and boring, you will be surprised at how listenable, upbeat and interesting the TEFLology podcast is.

This will become apparent right from the catchy theme-tune, which is sung by one of the presenters and has TEFL-related lyrics! The TEFLology podcast deals with interesting and relevant issues as well as looking back at the history of TEFL and different approaches to teaching languages. The podcast is released bi-weekly and each episode lasts about half an hour.