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Apofis anda suelto sembrando el terror adonde pasa. Mientras tanto, todo el mundo nos ha dado la espalda. Actualmente vive en San Antonio con su esposa y sus hijos. Me temo que casi todo fue por culpa nuestra. Me da igual. Tengo que admitir que mi hermano irradiaba confianza. Ahora vuelvo. Es mi esposa, Anne.

Ya ha destruido cinco copias de ella. En la acera de enfrente estaba la fachada lateral del museo, de la que colgaba un estandarte de cuatro metros con el busto del rey Tut. En los anteriores ataques Ven, que te los presentamos.

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Me temo que yo no se la veo. Perdona el estropicio, voy a ver si Los libros regresaron a los estantes. En fi n, es complicado.

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Luego hablamos de eso. Hay guardias por todas partes. No le gustaban las alturas ni el agua profunda. Yo quiero que me brillen los ojos. Montaban guardia dos magos que sujetaban las correas de sendos leopardos adultos. Pasamos junto a vitrinas llenas de fi guras shabti , sin duda hechizadas para cobrar vida cuando se las invocara. No tenemos mucho tiempo.

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Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 5 new copies. Book Description Vintage Espanol, Condition: New. Never used!. Eres Mi Mama? Are You My Mother? Never having seen his mother, a baby bird makes humorous mistakes trying to find her.

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On board pages. When Eric and Julieta go to the museum on a class trip, Eric and a friend try to make a dinosaur skeleton look like the dragon Julieta expects to see at the museum. As darkness falls parents everywhere try to get their children ready for sleep. Spanish edition of 'Esperanza Rising'. Since the car accident that claimed the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever can see auras and hear people's thoughts, and she goes out of her way to hide from other people until she meets Damen, another psychic teenager who is hiding even more mysteries.

Everybody can help somebody—even you!

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As time passed, Denver decided to hop a train to the big city for a different life. But that life was difficult, and Denver spent many years as a homeless man. But God showed His love through two people who were very different from Denver. Parents and children alike will be moved by this powerful story and will never forget the unexpected and life-changing things that can happen when we help somebody.

Nancy wants to adopt a special puppy so that she is no longer the only fancy member of her family, but after a day of puppysitting a papillon, she realizes that being fancy is not always the most important thing. Mas Rapido!

Bilingual Edition, Spanish and English. Bilingual edition of the Caldecott Honor Book originally published in Froggy attempts to bundle himself up properly to face the winter day ahead in an amusing tale written in lively text and enhanced by full-color illustrations. A bilingual board book about two wee gosling friends.

A book of poems about working in the fields and nature's bounty, one for each letter of the Spanish alphabet. Gathers Bible verses chosen to demonstate to girls God's promises about the needs of people in different situations, how people should behave, the role of Jesus, and what it means to be a Christian woman. A big red barn on a quiet and cozy farm provides a home for a myriad of animals, from a cow and her calf to a young pony and a litter of kittens, in a gentle and melodically simple story.

Text is in English and Spanish. Labeled photographs present words for the human body, clothing, eating utensils, foods, toys, colors, pets, actions, and other parts of a baby's world in Spanish and English. A small boy tours the wonderful world of imagination, using his handy purple crayon to create the images in his adventure in the moonlight and finally to go back to bed. Using rhyming text, a child describes the wonder of the ocean experienced through each of her five senses.

Hello, Circulos! A bilingual introduction to shapes, in English and Spanish, features artwork from Latin America and other places from the collections of the San Antonio Museum of Art.

How Do I Feel? Introduces toddlers to the vocabulary of emotions, illustrating such feelings as sleepy, happy, silly, thirsty, and four other concepts. A little penguin shares its favorite things with the one it loves most, including holding hands, playing peekaboo, and reading stories. A two-sided Spanish-English bilingual flip over book shows how a little girl is like her mother and a little boy is like his father. Ages: The author describes her experiences growing up in an Hispanic community in Texas.

El trono de fuego

Plucky Irene, a dressmaker's daughter, braves a fierce snowstorm to deliver a new gown to the duchess in time for the ball. A retelling of the classic story of the boy who climbs a beanstalk and outwits a giant. The curiosity of a newly-captured monkey gets him into continual trouble. A monkey runs away from the zoo and becomes a dishwasher, a window washer, a painter, and finally a movie star.

It's Halloween! When George and his friend, the man with the yellow hat, go to Mrs. Gray's house, George is excited to find out that it is a costume party. After seeing his friends dressed up as astronauts, mummies, witches and more, George gets to pick out his own costume. But George accidentally wraps himself up in a tablecloth and gets mistaken for a ghost! Will everyone enjoy George's Halloween trick or will he scare away the party guests? This edition features both English and Spanish text set in two different colors for ease of reading.

For more monkey fun, investigate www. A Spanish bilingual Curious George adventure. Here, Curious George learns to use his senses of smell, hearing, and touch to do the best thing of all — TASTE the candy from a pinata! Color illus. Matched, Spanish edition. In this cumulative tale, a restless flea manages to wake up everyone in the house who was sleeping. When fifteen-year-old Alexander Cold accompanies his grandmother on an expedition to find a humanoid Beast in the Amazon, he experiences ancient wonders and a supernatural world as he tries to avert disaster for the Indians. No one knows where it is, except Katie Woo.

But Katie wants to keep the plane. What should she do?

A wild storm sweeps Abel Mouse away from home, family, and his familiar world to an uninhabited island where, between efforts to return home, he makes new discoveries about himself and the world. Trying to make sense of the horrors of World War II, Death relates the story of Liesel--a young German girl whose book-stealing and story-telling talents help sustain her family and the Jewish man they are hiding, as well as their neighbors. Eric Carle's ever-popular Grouchy Ladybug is as irresistible as ever in this newly revised Spanish language edition.