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  1. Introduction to Medical and Health Careers

The HCRC recommends all students interested in a healthcare career explore the following resources to learn more about the incredible variety of healthcare professions:. All Medical Careers - Finding answers to some of the important questions as they apply to each career path.


Figure out if it's something you'd like to do or if there's no way you'd be interested in it. Psychology and Counseling Careers - Learn about careers in mental health and counseling.

Introduction to Medical and Health Careers

Healthcare Career Options. Choosing Your Career Path. District Home.

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A Public Health Career for a Lifetime

Search Our Site Go. Phone: Email: Degrees and Certifications:. Introduction to Health Careers This course is designed to expose students to the health care industry by surveying the wide spectrum of health care occupations and equipping them with the entry level knowledge and skills that apply to a variety of health occupations.

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