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La Casta. Così i politici italiani sono diventati intocc....

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Yes, I heard Well, I'll grant you the bite because of the size of the M5S. But if I can hear about the electoral reform from L'Altra Europa from outside the country, so can you form inside Thanks for your diligence in finding hearteningly intelligent actions by the L'Altra Europa group. They may catch a few votes from people who don't trust the MV5. They are too academic for the voters though and their web presence is negligible, social media wise.

Beppe's blog is huge, and the comments aren't stupid either. He was in the vanguard of political blogging worldwide, the Dkos of Italy, if Dkos had its own party. Di Maio more than held his own at the live stream with Renzi on the 17th, put him in his place more than a few times, reducing him to babbling froth on others. Mind you Renzi is an expert frothbabbler, like TB. What's politically embarrassing for the PD is their resistance to letting go of the Nazarene pact with B, and their ever-more obvious efforts to wangle Berlu a presidential pardon fuels a lot of anger that the Mv5 are channeling into good imo politics.

B's megalomania just got an un-needed shot in the arm from his acquittal yesterday, so he is dipping his scummy oar in, though it's possible he's actually damaging the R's ability to cohere by not just going away somewhere where there's no TV cameras for a while. Like Beppe with Mv5, who do better when he takes a back seat! Too short a fuse, makes funny comedy but too much -even comic- ire scares the grandma vote away. And there's lots of voter granmas here who think he's Frank Sinatra and Francis of Assisi rolled into one They'd be better off colonising intellectuals and joining Beppe, imho.

Firebrands do come in handy to get a platform off the ground. I'm afraid the Farage ties will scare awy from Grillo any lefties who are not already in the M5S, and quite a few who are. Scary Farage, Scary Grillo! To break the lockdown austerity mindset some risk will be inevitable. Farage at his most unpalatably idiotic scares me a lot less than continued slo-mo shock troika doctrine.

The only thing that scares me about Grillo is when his ego blocks him from seeing when enough is enough. It looks like you were right about linking with Farage being a poor move for MV5, since the regrettable means did not lead to an auspicious end, so far at least. Lady, Fat, sing. Maybe no-one expected a cordon sanitaire either! I didn't like it one bit when he made a fuss against decriminalizing illegal immigration. He showed the worst ugly-party populist instincts.

Books by Gian Antonio Stella (Author of L'orda)

The way it should be Look, if you were here you'd see Beppe has backed off enormously since the elections, while his pariamentarians are steadily being true to their words, not terribly effectively because of 'La Casta' obstructionism so far, but they are not flagging in their fight. The job of 'opening up Parliament like a can of tuna' is a lot harder than one can possibly imagine from afar. Easier pulling hundreds of full-grown boars out of a trough at feeding time with your bare hands.

Thanks again for filling in gaps in my Italian political education, as they are large and legion. But for it to be worth it it has to succeed, and that seems unlikely. Then there must be a careful evaluation of the consequences. If it results in a voting majority for RW loons then any fix will be fatally compromised, making the whole situation possibly worse. There are real dangers in a 'the worse, the better' philosophy. But the European status quo regarding the Euro seems little better than a crypto-fascist cabal as it is. Prefaced by quoting "the great American philosopher Murray Rothbard" Recently melo quoted Grillo rhetoric about "opening the parliament like a can".

Presumably the Podemos supporters agree with the financial transaction tax And don't get me started about the philosophy of Murray Rothbard. Praxeology conceives of economic laws as akin to geometric or mathematical axioms: fixed, unchanging, objective, and discernible through logical reasoning, without the use of any evidence. Well, in his defense I can say that, at the least, he doesn't bother to pretend to be scientific.

Even if there are serious disagreements and some hard opinions were voiced, the meeting remained cordial. Since austerity has failed and the Italian debt-load is rising instead of falling, Hans-Werner Sinn has been making the talk show tour, explaining to everybody that the problem is that Italy and others aren't actually really cutting spending.

I looked at the numbers of the Italian budget.

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I fund that it got roughly cut from 76 Billon Euro to 72 Billion Euro. All Mv5 initiatives for wealth distribution rebuffed. Renzi's big idea was a risible E80 a month 'gift' to middle sector workers. Podemos uses the term in Spain.

Così parlò il cavaliere: ...e così dissero di lui

Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find links tool for suggestions. February La casta. How Italian politicians became untouchable is an Italian book, written by Sergio Rizzo and Gian Antonio Stella , two journalists from the Italian national newspaper Corriere della Sera , detailing the amount of graft and corruption in italian politics. It was published in , and became a bestseller.

He studied in Italy. But I need numbers.


Does anybody now where I find numbers for the debt service of the crisis countries? It seems to me the M5S has been a joke all along. So he talks about the decisions which need to be taken on the European level. But still he doesn't sound like somebody who would do the full Kirchner. But then: If he is not ready to go the Argentinian wya, what can he actually accomplish? And said cause-and-effect relationships have been if not actively obfuscated then at least tacitly denied in the stories Europeans are being told and telling each other about the crisis. Username Password. Welcome to European Tribune.

It's gone a bit quiet around here these days, but it's still going. Do we want free movement of capital in Europe? Re: Do we want free movement of capital in Europe? Well, with eliminate then I would have completely agreed. But absent a monetary union there is no reason not to have capital controls. Actually, there are some issues in France, but As far as I see it, a "monetary union" is an area with a common currency, but without common fiscal policy and without free flow of labor in the EU free flow of labor is not possible because of the different languages.


OK, I agree it is unusual to call France a monetary union. A single state with a single currency generally doesn't have internal capital controls. In a monetary union, meaning with a single currency capital controls are also possible see Cyprus and maybe desirable as you proposed, right?

Well, if you don't have fiscal union you need capital controls. I absolutely think we must maintain the free movement of capital in Europe.

We've seen lots of ideas on how to run a fiscal union. The frugal people who've kept their houses in order is a good cover for rentiers, financial sharks. How to finance your EMF? I don't think that would work very well. Don't estimate "output gaps. JakeS: Simply pay out a percentage of EU nominal GDP per capita equal to the higher of the EU overall unemployment rate or the simple, unweighted average of the national unemployment rates. When it comes to measuring output gaps, that is as you say, quite easy to manipulate, and some kind of simplified solution might be a good idea.

Works under MDS 320.94

Absent a fiscal union, there is no sense having a monetary union. Schaeuble is still pushing his Sparkommisar idea. This is clearly the crucial question. A fiscal union is not forthcoming, nor are capital controls, nor is a monetary de-union In terms of selected reforms, capital controls is probably the least heretical option.

I garbled that sentence. That is true, but with the caveat that Syriza is committed to keeping Greece in the Euro so long as the other parties to that arrangement fulfill their obligations.

Maybe we should create a new diary: Do we want a common currency? That's the only value to the Farages , [l]e Pens etc, not that their vision is any healthier but they do name names and want to upend the status quo. Do you think the EUL is doing a good job of being opposition? Migeru: While some in the Green and Left groups have criticised this as a violation of democratic principles given the size of the Farage group, there appears to be a sort of cordon sanitaire in place.

I saw a good interview with Spinelli, a mild-mannered woman with good intentions and venerable father, but that was it, incisive unfortunately it wasn't Well, if they don't believe in The Leader then they're not worth having, are they?