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    These are his many incarnations that you will see scrolling past your eyes each week. You know the type: you might even, in your more honest moment, detect a strain of it in yourself.

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    When these figures are thrown together in the Tintin books the tense, loaded situations that arise are managed with all the subtlety normally attributed to Jane Austen or Henry James. Played out against a backdrop of wars, revolutions and recessions, of technological progress imbued with an almost sacred aspect, not to mention old gods who steadfastly refuse to die, all of this amasses to an oeuvre that, again like that of many of the best writers—Stendahl, George Eliot or Pynchon, for example—forms a lens, or prism, through which a whole era lurches into focus.

    Which leads us to the second paradox: this below-radar altitude, this blind spot, this mute pocket is, as we already know, the zone where real action takes place. If literature itself has an ultimate truth, a deeper-than-trade secret either unexpressed or inexpressible, it is in precisely this kind of space that we should look for it.

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    Tintin In America - The Adventures Of Tintin.

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