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Written by. I'm a writer, voice actor, and 3D artist living la vida loca in New York City. I'm into a pretty wide variety of games, and shows, and films, and music, and comics and anime.

Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Review

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"Scion Of Ikshvaku" Book Trailer Reaction Review

To understand why this happened. The cover should also have dramatic interpretation. How has your experience been as an author? It's a wonderful life. I am living a dream, don't want to wake up! I used to work in the banking sector. I cannot say its the most exciting job in the world but it paid well. I am one of those lucky people who got to do what they want. As an author, I get to do what I want so, it's a wonderful life.

It honestly wasn't my dream to be an author.

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Some of the best things happen to you when you actually are not planning for them. I was a very academically oriented kid in school. I graduated in Mathematics. I never did anything creative. I was active in sports. I never thought I had a creative bone in my body. I never thought I am gonna be a writer. Some words for the upcoming writers My advice to the upcoming writers is that when you write, you write with the honesty of your heart. Don't care whether the book will be a success or a failure, leave that up to the fate of the book.

Don't bother about the readers or the critics or the publisher when you are writing.

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Does it not make a writer vulnerable? That's the entire matter. Whether it becomes a success or not, it should not matter. If your purpose is to earn money, there are much easier ways for example banking is a very good career to have. Writing should be more about giving voice to your soul. But, if you are writing a book, have a job too so that you have some source to pay your bills so you don't have to compromise on your writing. Often lack of money can make you do things that you don't wanna do. How many days did it take you to find a publisher?

My first book was rejected by every publisher. I stopped counting after 20 rejections. Finally I self published it. I wrote my first two books along with my job. What are the challenges that you faced earlier? It took me some years to write the book. Once the book was ready, I sent it around to various publishers.

Historical Fiction - The Immortals Of Meluha Shiva Trilogy Book Retailer from New Delhi

Everyone who read my book said that this book has no hope of success. Publishers told me the book cannot be sold in English because readers love reading about college love stories and scandals. That is why they rejected it. By god's grace it sold," he said. There are many mythological books coming out - that makes me feel happy.

This is a very empowering philosophy because you feel you are one with God. Advaita is trying to teach you how be detached. You can handle things with detachment, but you have to fulfil duties of wife and children," he said. However, Tripathi said he does not reject Charaka or Sankhya philosophies as the Indian approach to philosophy is respect and learn from other philosophies.

The philosophy which appeals to me is Advaita Vedanta but that doesn't mean I reject others like Charvaka or Sankhya philosophies. The Indian approach to philosophy is to learn from all," he said. Asked if he anytime gets agitated on books written by Leftists against Indian philosophy and mythology, Tripathi said he strongly disagrees with them but acknowledges their right to freedom of expression.

We are not living in Pakistan," he said. Asked about the update on Karan Johar's film based on Shiva Trilogy, Tripathi said instead of making one film as reported earlier, there will be a series of movies as the entire trilogy has been taken. Now the contract has been expanded for the entire trilogy.

There is a series of movies because they have taken the entire three books," he said. Read more on author. Amish Tripathi. Scion of Ikshvaku.